Exchange and Returns
Price agreement
Please note that this website is provided for informational purposes only and under no circumstances is not a public offer which is defined St.437 Regulations of the Civil Code .
For more information about the operational cost of goods and services , the quantity of goods , please contact our managers .
Terms exchange or refund goods of good quality
You have the right to exchange the appropriate quality for the same within 14 days of receipt of order , not counting the day of purchase , if the goods have not approached you in shape, size, style, a coloring , size or configuration ( 25 of the Law "On Protection consumers' Rights ) .
Returns proper quality is possible if the specified item was not in use, its presentation (packaging, seals, labels ) , consumer properties, as well as a document confirming the fact and terms of the purchase of goods (trade or cashier's check ) . To return the goods as required proof of identity .
Replacement or refund the goods of improper quality produced in accordance with Article 21 of the Law " On Protection of Consumers' Rights.
Upon receipt of the faulty goods through an online store or not according to order, cost of return paid online store . In case of exchange or return goods of good quality postage paid by the customer .
If a situation arises where you need to exchange or refund you need to contact via e-mail to the manager of the company and described the situation as obtaining from him backwards letter corresponding application form but the exchange of goods or refund The funds .

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