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Wellcome to kids BJJ class!
Gracie Barra Sevastopol!!! Wellcome to kids BJJ class in Sevastopol Time reglament for the summer training: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 10.00 - 11.00 a.m. Sevastopol City, Geroev Stalingrad str. 33-B, "Hattatsu" Club Contact phone number:+79787044636

New Cronica Muri Oto BJJ Gi!Soon!
We are glad to offer all jitsers our novelty.  Earlier we announced on social networks yield trends in the lineup for gi BJJ new set. For almost a collection complement contrast black-and-white gi Cronica from Muri Oto tm. Layout and embroidery as always specially designed by our designer and practitioner jitser - Kim Moses. This will be the 5th model in our line...

Sevastopol BJJ Tournament
Domestic brand clothes and equipment for martial arts Muri Oto tm participated as a sponsor in the Crimean Tournament Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and awarded athletes, won first place in all weight categories . Congratulations to all the children , and spoketo the winners! We thank the organizers and all who care about sports and martial arts #murioto  We accept...

If you aspire to spiritual and physical growth, so martial arts are what you need. Practicing Karate, Aikido, Wing Chun or Kung Fu you will realize very soon that your growth and improvement is happening not only on tatami, but in all areas of your life.

Depending on direction of your choise you will need appropriate equipment. One of the most common practicing apparel is kimono. Every martial art specifies its own requirements to the kimono, but they all agree that it have to be made from natural fabric, have a high durability factor and comfortable cut. The kimono has to assist you while training and not to hinder in it — this principle should be taken into account when you are choosing equipment.

In Aikido, for example, you will need also a hakama — wide pleated pants. When we are talking about martial arts like BJJ or MMA you will need rashguard and shorts that also have to be made at the highest level, which means a good fit on the body, have to remove moisture and be very durable.

Don't forget also about the weapon. For Kendo practicing you will need a shinai, for Ju Jutsu a bokken and tanto.

MuriOto™ is ready to offer you any kinds of equipment and training weapon of high quality. With us you will be comfortable to train and comprehend secrets of martial arts.

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