Women and Martial Arts

Modern women no longer look like pale , forever falling into a swoon medieval ladies. Woman of our time - a strong , purposeful person who can give odds to the average man . Today, women are engaged in boxing , aikido , karate, judo and really show great results . The men , in turn , admired women in kimono and hakama , considering them worthy partners not only in sports but also in life. You are already thinking , not whether you buy a kimono ? We should not rush to start learn more about various directions.
Very popular among the strongest of the fairer sex enjoy fighting without rules . Their prototype is considered pankration - ancient Olympic sporty look , which is allowed to use the technique of fisticuffs and wrestling. Here you will not see a kimono or hakama , not this whole philosophy of non-violence and harmonious development of personality. The main goal of the fighter - knock down the enemy and inflict as many punches. If you are more peaceful , engage in arm wrestling . Here, too, you will not need to buy a kimono is most important - it's arm strength and endurance.
But the large number of women attending martial arts . Still , the search for harmony and not splash aggression is fine for the main purpose of the Amazons . Eastern direction of warfare taught women to control their emotional state . Try it yourself . To do this, we first need to buy a kimono (and if it aikido hakama and then ) and get on the mat . If you want to inject dynamism classes , stop your choice on taekwondo . There's a lot of time is devoted to strengthening muscles , so many exercises can remind you of shaping or fitness . In any case, any martial arts, guarantees you a lot of positive impressions and binding effect. Wear kimono and welcome!

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