Children and martial arts

Many of us are familiar with martial arts such as aikido , karate, judo. People aspiring to a healthy lifestyle , choosing them as a way to develop not only the body but also the spirit . Many parents have heard about the beneficial effects of arts , seek as soon as possible to buy or sew a kimono hakama your child and give your child comprehend the unique techniques for karate or aikido.
But not all so simple. The main principle of success ( and it's not just children ) is to exercise brought pleasure . That's why the best thing that can make a truly caring parent - it was originally a very examine all parts of a single combat , and then together with the child to visit the training in order to see for themselves how and what is happening there. Remember to buy one kimono , hakama wear and send young fighter aikido or karate - it does not mean the child take martial arts. The most important thing - is to prepare the young athlete from a psychological point of view, to tell him that the training does not give him the physical power over others , they will help him develop the inner confidence that will not disappear even in an extreme situation . Self-knowledge and self-improvement - is the main goal of people who wear kimono.
Here are some basic principles of martial arts areas .
Aikido teaches redirect the negative energy against itself . Aikido practitioners never will initiate conflict. The main principle of wearing hakama - no violence . Aikido is no competition , hence no rivals and competitors. Aikido is often chosen girls , since this approach is good for the plastic, emotional balance and develops confidence.
At the heart of karate lies the ability to conduct a duel using only the hands and feet , but without any weapons. As a rule, it is selected boys , as it develops the combat strength, flexibility and endurance. The main aim of karate - incapacitate the enemy with a single blow.
And for boys and for girls is perfect judo. This is a very common form of martial art used for self-defense. In training, the children learn to protect themselves , and also train all muscles of the body , which can not but affect the health of the most beneficial way.
Taekwondo like aikido in the sense that just as well is a combination of philosophy and combat principles. In training, the children are paying a lot of time stretching and physical fitness .
This is the most popular martial arts in children. However, the child may be interested in such areas as vinchun , kungfu or Brazilian Jiu -Jitsu . In any case , the main role of parents - it's not just buy a kimono and take on the section , and pick up the child after a workout . Take an active part in the sporting life of the child , attend his classes and competitions , be interested in the success , and then ... maybe buy a kimono and have you.

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